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New Cube blog



Our renovation of the historic Hyperion office complex was listed as a Top 10 by the New Cube blog in its article, “Old Space, New Tricks.”

Anytown A List



Morcan was voted #1 in the Interior Designer category in this annual consumer rating hosted by local TV Channel 12.

Company Profile

Jewelry and Mineral of Las Vegas inc.


Founded: May 1989

Owner: Jean-Pierre Piron

Certifications: ASBOG


Areas of expertise:  Crystals, Minerals, Specimens, Fossils, Large Decorative Stones, Metaphysical Supplies

Awards & Recognition

Home Magazine

(December 2013 edition)


Morcan designers Molly McGiver and Quinn Shaver were quoted in a recent HOME magazine article on interior designers who use green products.

Jean-Pierre Piron, our founder, is the last of his kind, he has traveled the world, time and time again (for the past 40 years). With his years of travel, he has grown a massive network of sources all across the world. This is how we are able to source every single item, from over 160 different countries (crystals, fossils, mineral, jewelry, etc.) at the best price possible. We then are able to extend those great prices to our customer. Offering the best prices on the market.

Jean-Pierre, and his wife Pascale founded our company 26 years ago, with just $20,000 in Malachite. Since then we have expanded into what we are today. Through hard work and dedication, and thanks to our loyal customers we have been able to grow to one of the largest suppliers in North America (with over 15,000 square feet of warehouse and storefront). Thanks to this, we have thousands of items constantly in stock for our customers, and we receive new shipments every few weeks from all over the world.

We are very proud to be able to serve the thousands of people who come by our gallery every year, and we plan to do so for a long time to come. Come by and see for yourself!